Thursday, August 17, 2017

Digital Citizenship Spirit Week

As a school community we will explore the characteristics of being a Digital Citizen through Digital Citizenship Spirit Week.  During this week students will learn the responsibilities of being a Digital Citizen and will explore how to use technology responsibly and safely.

Please join us in celebrating!!!

    Monday, August 21st: Sports Team Day

    Tuesday, August 22nd: Crazy Sock Day

    Wednesday, August 23rd: Twin Day

    Thursday, August 24th: Superhero Day

    Friday, August 25th: GRE Spirit Day

We are ALL digital citizens!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back to School Night

TONIGHT is Back-to-School Night!!!

I hope to see you this evening!  Please pick the session that best fits your family.  Mrs. Brown will be welcoming families in the gym from 5:45-6:00.  

First session: 6:05-6:35

Second session: 6:40-7:10

Hope you can make it! (we kindly request that only adults attend these sessions) 
Thank you!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dear Parents,

We are excited to share that we were able to purchase protective eye wear for all students so that we can safely watch the solar eclipse as a school on Monday, August 21.   
We are looking forward to watching this rare event as a community!

Principal Jenny Brown

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Meet the Teacher side-notes...

Thank you so much for stopping by Gold Rush today!  It was a pleasure meeting our new brilliant students and their families.  After speaking with many of you, I wanted to capture a few of the questions that came up. 

Drop-off/Pick-up Clarification:

Both drop-off and pick up will begin at our outside classroom door.  Students may be dropped off beginning at 8:20 just outside the classroom door.  This will ensure your littles are going directly into the classroom and not getting mixed up with other students entering through main entrance.  Students who are not riding the bus or attending BASE, can then be picked up at this door at 3:25 or be met in the carpool lane.  I will be marking down first week pick-up plans this Thursday after our school Flag Ceremony.  Please feel free to communicate with me throughout the year if any changes are made to this schedule.

Snack Time:

Thank you very much for providing your child’s Kindergarten school supplies.  We realize that the list was quite lengthy.  We would like to ask willing parents to donate healthy community snacks for your growing children.  Often times, especially the beginning of the year our little learners will get hungry throughout the day.  We like to have snacks on hand all year long to help their tummies and brains.  We also sometimes use snacks as the use of manipulatives during Math.  If you are able, please use the list below for some ideas of items that can be donated:
-pretezels              -animal crackers
-goldfish                -dried fruit
-graham crackers      -various crackers
-raisins                 -cereal
- any small snack item -cookies

Students are also welcome and encouraged to bring 2 personal snacks daily.  We have a morning and afternoon snack time daily.  They will be able to eat their snack from home or enjoy some of the communal snacks that are donated.  Please feel free to utilize either option.  If you chose to send daily snacks, I would suggest marking those snacks so that your child doesn’t get confused and think they may be part of their school lunch.  Water bottles are also a great idea!


I did get a chance to put away all of the supplies that were brought in today.  Looks like we will have plenty to get us through most of the year.  I noticed that we only received a few headphones.  Please note that these will be used on August 14-16th for computer testing.  I spoke with several of you about sending in this week…no problem.  I just ask that we have them by next Monday to help with the testing process. 

Thank you for your support and I look forward to a great first day!

Mrs. Dean

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Gold Rush App

New School App
Gold Rush has a new mobile app!  This is a great tool for getting all things GRE at your fingertips.  Click on the following links to download this app.

Google Play

Apple App Store

Digital Citizenship Spirit Week

As a school community we will explore the characteristics of being a Digital Citizen through Digital Citizenship Spirit Week.  During this w...